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Photo Gallery

Contributions from hosting teams of photos of their Display days or National or North or South Island events are welcome.

If sufficient for a display is received, a special page can be created for them all.

You can click on any of the photos to view them singularly.

General Photos

National Display Day 2012 – Dunedin

North Island Display Day 2012 – Porirua

Kapi Mana Insteps conducted a fine North Island Display Day hosting 52 teams with the Porirua Trust City Brass Band supplying the March Past music.

National Display Day 2011 – New Plymouth

North Island Display Day 2011 – Palmerston North

North Island Display Day 2010 – Tauranga

The 2010 North island Display Day was hosted by:

Glengle, Golden Kiwis, Greeton Gold, Matua Majors, Pacific Guards, Tauranga Blue Belles, Tauranga Classics, Tauranga Silver Crowns.

… and what a fine job they did!

Some teams appeared on the TV1 Close Up programme on Friday 17 Sept 2010.

The Video can be seen here.  Chapter 3