Helping to spread the word about Leisure Marching in New Zealand

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Helping to spread the word about Leisure Marching in New Zealand

Over 100 teams make up Leisure Marching in New Zealand with well over 1000 marchers. Teams are of “mature” ladies and meet at various events hosted by local teams throughout the country for a day of:

  • a march past parade,
  • individual team routines
  • winding up with a serpentine or maze march with all teams on the floor.

Teams can be formed by any number of keen people for marching, fitness, friendship and fun. It is non competitive.

There is no National Body. Hosting of the major events – North Island, South Island and the Nationals are decided by delegates from each team.

Latest Event News

Display Dates

Please send your marching dates (and Registration forms for display days where applicable) to for inclusion in the calendar on the site.

Latest General News

General Information

Interested in Leisure Marching?

There are always teams wanting marchers to join their happy groups for fun, friendship and non competitive marching in the older age groups.

Teams are listed here – alpha order and in approximate location. Make contact with one or more that may suit you.

Help with Marching

For enquiries regarding Leisure Marching, it’s protocols, forming/joining teams etc., Julie Crombie coach of the Happy Hookers Levin, is available to assist.

Contact her:

Marching Boots

The following is the contact for boots:

Peter Marr of Te Muka

Phone 03 615 6616

Price List and Details